• Yana The Jeweller.

  • The jewellery price depends on the stone, some patterns and various techniques I need to use. Of course, I will help you to choose and order ones.
  • You can get inaccurate replicas of the rings shown in the photo. All of them are unique, there are no similar ones. So if you liked the product, that's no longer available, I can make a similar one. And of course, I'll be happy to implement your bold ideas.
  • The way of 25 years of my life has been absolutely spectacular and right to go.
  • Just because:
  • I've been a choreographer and director in Moscow's best theatres, been worked with artists and on advertising platforms;
  • I trained as a veterinary surgeon and quickly enough began to operate on animals;
  • I've travelled around India and lived in Nepal, I've been there 13 times in total;
  • I've become a successful digital marketer;
  • I studied psychology;
  • I'd cancer and cured tumours in my head.
  • The path has brought me here, to the jewellery craftsmanship, where I put my whole soul into the best shapes I've seen in my life.
  • By the way, I work solely well-being from my soul. When no anxiety and other things hovering before me, at all. I believe with the energy of stuff and I want only light, energising and beautiful things leave for people to see.